Opportunities we can help with

How will Foreseer help me launch data products?

Foreseer is a strategic system of choice at the world’s largest financial data provider for its superior extraction, enrichment, and validation capabilities. You can leverage the same capabilities to roll out your specific data products. We also offer data extraction experts trained on the Foreseer platform to expedite data product rollout.

Foreseer’s proven NLP and AI algorithms to extract semi-structured and unstructured data.

Foreseer’s continuous learning capabilities; the more you use it, the better it gets in extracting data, especially when there is a similarity in documents like year-over-year or quarter-over-quarter filings.

Foreseer’s best-in-market OCR engines to convert scanned documents and images to extractable, machine-readable versions

Foreseer’s translation services – all inclusive translation packages for major languages

Foreseer’s web-based human-in-the-loop platform to review and edit machine-extracted data.

Foreseer’s source-tagged data output providing 100% transparency to data location.

Foreseer’s self-service error check framework to validate data.

Will you help me with finding analysts to do the manual data collection process?

We have experienced data collection analysts who are fully trained on our platform and ready to take on your data extraction needs. With our strong focus on tooling, operational efficiency, process maturity, and using geo-arb to keep costs down you get tremendous value as compared to other resource providers.

Where is my data kept, and where is the software installed?

We can host the environment on your premises or on your private cloud to alleviate any privacy or data theft related concerns. We offer managed services on our cloud instances too.

What benefits should I expect to see if I were to use Foreseer?

Get proven benefits that our platform has delivered to global market-leading data providers.

  • Go-to-market faster. We understand that aggregating and building data products is time-consuming. With Foreseer’s automated data aggregation capabilities, build data products in a fraction of the time.
  • Reduce product build costs. In the absence of sophisticated technology, data curation is usually people-intensive. Our data extraction capabilities will do a large part of the people-intensive job systematically, thus reducing people costs for you.
  • Enhance data quality. One of our studies found that over 70% of the errors in data are committed by the people that handle data. With Foreseer’s platform minimizing the need for human interaction, you should be able to significantly enhance the data quality of your product.